Working with the Gitlab provider for Terraform

More Terraform work

I've got a few git repositories on that have been manually made over time, with different configurations, ci schedules and purposes.

I consider them to be a giant mess at this point, so with some of my recent work I wanted to reorganise all of it for the better.

Terraform(TF) with Gitlab

Since I like both TF and Gitlab, I thought it'd be a great time to make them work together.

TF has a Gitlab provider that I could use.

After a lot of trial and errors, I managed to use a few features of the Gitlab provider for my needs and have posted some sample code to a repo for others to view.

What's in the repo

There's some sample terraform(.tf) code, some shell utility scripts and also some Ansible code I used for templating some terraform resource configuration blocks.

I learned a lot of new things doing this for myself and am happy with the outcome.