1. A nifty find one liner

    What this does

    This find command finds and moves all directories to /dest/dir that matches the 'dirnamepattern'.

    'dirnamepattern' could be aws, go or tmp, or whatever.

    Actual command

    find . -type d -name '*dirnamepattern*' -exec mv -t /dest/dir {} +

    Test before try

    I'm not sure if there's a dry run …

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  2. Debian Jessie(8) end of life

    Special release

    Jessie was my first version of Debian I've installed on my acer laptop back in 2015.

    Nowadays, all my things run Buster, but it's still awful to think how fast time goes and Debian releases come and go.

    Related link

    I just saw today this debian news page …

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  3. pgrep


    I've got a few shell scripts in a private repo and I recently wrote another to kill my vlc instances because it seems to hang up sometimes on Debian 10 when playing files from my junk hp microserver.

    So I wrote something idiotic like this to kill vlc:

    kill …
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  4. Recent things

    What's been going

    I haven't posted in 2 months, as I was focusing on work.

    In the meantime, I was focusing on maintaining my private code repos and thinking about ways of what I could improve in my public and private projects.

    What I'm going to do

    I've got nothing …

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  5. Simple ansible logrotate script

    Ansible logs

    Ansible logs details of playbooks runs into files defined with the:

    log_path = /path/text.log

    variable if defined in the ansible.cfg file.

    For my simple personal use cases, I turned logging on and for a while did nothing with the logfile.

    After several months, the first log …

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  6. Working with the Gitlab provider for Terraform

    More Terraform work

    I've got a few git repositories on Gitlab.com that have been manually made over time, with different configurations, ci schedules and purposes.

    I consider them to be a giant mess at this point, so with some of my recent work I wanted to reorganise all of …

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