Spring cleaning

Idea of cleaning up projects

I've got like 35 or 36 git projects, both public and private that need some attention.

In an earlier post, I said I'd do maintenance on them, but that led me to not even trying anything new.

If I want to learn more, I have to dig out new stuff, install it, and play with things.

I'm talking mainly about kubernetes and also newer ansible versions.

I also want to see which projects of mine are worth working on, which to be honest I don't think any of them are.

My favourite git repo is still my Dilbert repo, working to this day somewhat wonky with updates over the years.

It'd be nice to have all the dilbert downloaded comics locally, allegedly which that script does.

I had the idea of rewriting the dilbert scraper in python years ago, but has also been on hold forever.

I get these big ideas or thing I want to study or look at/into, and after I come home from work, I lose all my interest in learning or doing anything really.

I remember my French teacher telling me that I should have used my high school years learning new languages because when I'll grow up I won't have the time or energy to pursue learning too much stuff.

It turns out she was right all along.

The point of this post is self-reflection somewhat, that I need to do things I want and need and also learn new skills I want to be more valuable and get ahead with my life.

Sadly I've been stuck for too long.

Will that change? Who knows.