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  1. Weekend

    Project 1 for the weekend:

    replace shorthand image references in my ansible/docker-compose playbooks from eg:




    I also need to change them in my Dockerfiles, yay.

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  2. Finding a Repo's Github Release RSS link

    I've been following a few projects' releases over RSS to determine see new releases and when to upgrade docker images I use locally.

    For some software, it's not worth it to upgrade straightaway to a new release(eg on a new v13.0 release). I like to see if there …

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  3. 2022-05-10 Change of email service provider

    I've changed my email service provider to Migadu from Google Gsuite.

    After 2 years, I've found I paid too much for email hosting.

    I also used storage provided by gsuite for backup purposes, fortunately never needed to use it.

    Migration of my emails was easy.

    Changed over DNS settings with …

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  4. 2022-04-13

    New services to add

    Yay, more things to keep track of!

    Note taking

    Right now my note taking for personal stuff is a mess between vscode md files, local files and some files on my phone.

    Also something to sync them? Syncthing or just some service like onenote or evernote …

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