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  1. 2022-05-10 Change of email service provider

    I've changed my email service provider to Migadu from Google Gsuite.

    After 2 years, I've found I paid too much for email hosting.

    I also used storage provided by gsuite for backup purposes, fortunately never needed to use it.

    Migration of my emails was easy.

    Changed over DNS settings with …

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  2. 2022-04-13

    New services to add

    Yay, more things to keep track of!

    Note taking

    Right now my note taking for personal stuff is a mess between vscode md files, local files and some files on my phone.

    Also something to sync them? Syncthing or just some service like onenote or evernote …

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  3. droneci-https

    Droneci and SSL

    Finally managed to get Drone working properly with traefik v2 in docker.

    I had to go back and forth while I managed to track down my issues, which were:

    • wrong hostname configured on the drone docker label parts
    • play with docker env vars while I get the …
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  4. droneci


    I used to run gitlab a while ago, but it was way too resource heavy for my requirements.

    So far a long time I didn't run any local CI.

    Today, I started playing around Droneci.

    I got it working after some time in its own Debian vm.

    The server …

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  5. Spring cleaning

    Idea of cleaning up projects

    I've got like 35 or 36 git projects, both public and private that need some attention.

    In an earlier post, I said I'd do maintenance on them, but that led me to not even trying anything new.

    If I want to learn more, I have …

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  6. Black friday

    Buy buy buy

    As a good little consumer I haven't bought anything for black friday.

    I planned on getting a cheap xiaomi phone again, but nothing's in sight yet.

    I also thought about building a new pc, but why would I?

    The last desktop I built was about 4 years …

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