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  1. RHEL 9 hidden grub menu

    For anyone taking RHCSA9 exam soon, this might be helpful.

    On newly installed Rhel9.3 virtual machines, the grub2 boot menu gets hidden after successful boots.

    This makes test exam tasks more difficult that wants you to reset root passwords, by going to emergency mode and remounting /sysroot rw.

    This …

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  2. Weekend

    Project 1 for the weekend:

    replace shorthand image references in my ansible/docker-compose playbooks from eg:




    I also need to change them in my Dockerfiles, yay.

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  3. Finding a Repo's Github Release RSS link

    I've been following a few projects' releases over RSS to determine see new releases and when to upgrade docker images I use locally.

    For some software, it's not worth it to upgrade straightaway to a new release(eg on a new v13.0 release). I like to see if there …

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