Releasing Dilbert scraper's docker image scraper

I wrote a comics scraper in bash about 3 years ago because I really love Dilbert comics.

While I assume people will scream if they look at the code in and date generator python script, they have worked fairly reliably for 3 years, with the only breakage that occurred was when changed to https as my parsing code is lame.

Put it into a docker image because why not

So today also I got a working image up on Dockerhub and Gitlab's docker registry.

For usage instructions, please read the readme provided on Gitlab.

As anything I'd write here or on dockerhub would eventually become outdated.

But to save some clicks, here are two one-liners:

Here's a sample command to download all comics:

docker run -d --name dilbert --rm -v $HOME/Pictures/dilbert:/home/user/Pictures/dilbert qwe1/dilbert:latest -a

Here's a sample command to download today's comic:

docker run -d --name dilbert --rm -v $HOME/Pictures/dilbert:/home/user/Pictures/dilbert qwe1/dilbert:latest -t