First blog post

First blog post

This is the first blog post to see how the new blog will look.

The blog posts will be written in Markdown and published with Pelican.


  • Settle on a theme
  • Settle on a site structure
  • Setup CI/CD and decide which host to use(leaning towards Gitlab or Netlify at this point)
  • Setup DNS via terraform for the site
  • Start publishing
  • Check up on my netlify account

Notes on pushing to Github pages

Based on and

To publish to Github pages via Travis CI, ideally the following things are required:

  • a working CI config file, the .travis.yml in this repo can be used as a base
  • set $GITHUB_TOKEN found in this repo's on, select Scope repo/public_repo. Selecting this scope should be enough
  • having gh-pages branch in the repo, so travis-bot can force push the created static files to this branch. this can achieved by: git branch gh-pages git push github gh-pages
  • on, set Github Pages source to gh-pages branch which then sets the gh-pages branch as the source of Github Pages. This is the same branch where Travis pushes to. So Travis reads from master, then pushes the output of pelican to gh-pages, then Github publishes from gh-pages branch

Notes on publishing to Gitlab pages


  • a working CI config file, the .gitlab-ci.yml in this repo can be used as a base

See for a pelican example, which this site is based on.

Source code

My own links for publishing:

Canonical URL of my blog, as of 2019-12-05:

Used to be blog.domain instead of www, but changed that later on.