I've got a few shell scripts in a private repo and I recently wrote another to kill my vlc instances because it seems to hang up sometimes on Debian 10 when playing files from my junk hp microserver.

So I wrote something idiotic like this to kill vlc:

kill -9 $(ps auxf | grep '[v]lc' | awk '{print $2}')

Then comes my Gitlab ci result saying I'm an idiot and should use pgrep instead.

So now I've got something like this which the linter is happy with:

kill -9 "$(pgrep -u "$(whoami)" vlc)"

Improvements to linting

I need to look into how I could do linting before making git commits from inside vscode, where I code mostly.

I've found the following extension:

I'll have to test it how well it integrates with latest vscode.