Putting Windows 10 on UEFI bootable USB

Windows 10 on hardware

I need Windows 10 today to try to root my Xiaomi Android phone, but first I have to unlock the bootloader, which is the most annoying process I have ever been through.

I tried many programs found on XDA-developers or /r/xiaomi, but none of them seem to work.

I also tried to do USB passthrough my phone to a Windows vm, but that didn't work out.

I've got no choice, but to try Xiaomi's own software to do the unlocking.

What's needed for old school USB booting

Format the USB drive with GPT partitioning.

On Debian, there's gparted which makes this easy.

Once the USB drive is selected, select:

Device/Create Partition Table/gpt from "Select new partition table type" then apply.

From there, create a new fat32 partition.

With my USB drive, I let the fat32 to use 100% of the drive's space.

Then find the Windows ISO, mount it locally, and copy all contents to the USB drive's folder.

On the target machine, set BOOT mode to UEFI native(not hybrid).

Test it if it works

It did! The laptop booted nicely, and the installation worked great.