Update on my Docker Ansible role

New year, old projects

People love working on new things all the time, however I've got lots of repos on Gitlab.com that I want keep updated for myself.

One of those projects is this blog, which source code I've taken private permanently.

However, other projects that I've recently updated are my docker images' projects and some of my Ansible roles.

Why update my own Ansible roles that I only use myself

Times change and new distros come out.

Plus most of my roles are just bare enough to get my own personal systems running, however they wouldn't get any praise in a work environment.

I've learned lots from Jeff Geerling's Ansible roles on Github, also from https://github.com/weareinteractive.

I'm currently trying to update my Docker ansible role to make it a bit better.

In hindsight, I should have just used Jeff Geerling's docker repo.

What's being updated in my Docker role

I'm trying to add Centos support and improve some other aspects of it.

I want to add a new task and make it configurable whether to add/remove any users to/from the docker group.

Here's a list of issues for this role.

I'm currently working on the dev branch.

I've posted an update in the following post.