Servers and clients in my homelab

My homelab computers

I have 4 computers at home that each have their own use.

I have a desktop that I built in 2016/11 that is my main computer and which I use the most and code from.

I also have a HP Probook 6570b which is my laptop, which I take with me on occasions and watch movies from.

Then I've got my first laptop, an Acer Aspire 5736z, which only runs Pihole and serves as the DHCP and DNS server on the network and nothing else.

And the last device is my HP Proliant Gen8 Microserver that runs about 5-10 docker images and serves as file server on the network.

Probably should mention the ISP provided "fantastic high quality" modem/router that serves as the router and wifi AP at this point in time.

I've got two Raspberry Pis, a 2b and a 3b+.

I used to use DNSMasq and Squid proxy on these Pis in my previous place, but then I realized I already four Intel machines to use.

In the long term, I'd like to reduce my devices to maybe a desktop and a laptop.

But for the time being, having only Intel machines(as in having all of them on amd64 operating systems) means simpler Ansible playbooks, roles and Docker images.

Network Diagram

Here's the homelab network diagram I've made with

homelab network diagram