1. pgrep


    I've got a few shell scripts in a private repo and I recently wrote another to kill my vlc instances because it seems to hang up sometimes on Debian 10 when playing files from my junk hp microserver.

    So I wrote something idiotic like this to kill vlc:

    kill …
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  2. Recent things

    What's been going

    I haven't posted in 2 months, as I was focusing on work.

    In the meantime, I was focusing on maintaining my private code repos and thinking about ways of what I could improve in my public and private projects.

    What I'm going to do

    I've got nothing …

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  3. Simple ansible logrotate script

    Ansible logs

    Ansible logs details of playbooks runs into files defined with the:

    log_path = /path/text.log

    variable if defined in the ansible.cfg file.

    For my simple personal use cases, I turned logging on and for a while did nothing with the logfile.

    After several months, the first log …

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  4. Working with the Gitlab provider for Terraform

    More Terraform work

    I've got a few git repositories on Gitlab.com that have been manually made over time, with different configurations, ci schedules and purposes.

    I consider them to be a giant mess at this point, so with some of my recent work I wanted to reorganise all of …

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  5. Molecule tests

    Update on 2020-02-23

    Turns out this doesn't work at all, all the time.

    Some notes for myself regarding molecule testing

    I recently removed my everyday user from the docker group, so programs running under my user can't run arbitrary docker commands anymore. Wooho.

    Sudo with docker instead

    The original post …

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