1. Update on my Docker Ansible role

    New year, old projects

    People love working on new things all the time, however I've got lots of repos on Gitlab.com that I want keep updated for myself.

    One of those projects is this blog, which source code I've taken private permanently.

    However, other projects that I've recently updated …

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  2. Day-off project: Retropie

    Madness in boxes

    So around black friday I was running through my card board boxes that have all sorts of cables and other PC accessories.

    I wanted to a buy a new mouse for my desktop, because the previous one's scroll wheel was pushing me into madness.

    But I managed …

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  3. Putting Windows 10 on UEFI bootable USB

    Windows 10 on hardware

    I need Windows 10 today to try to root my Xiaomi Android phone, but first I have to unlock the bootloader, which is the most annoying process I have ever been through.

    I tried many programs found on XDA-developers or /r/xiaomi, but none of them …

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  4. Trying out old CentOS images

    Trying out the oldest available CentOS images

    I use Debian all the time, however I also like CentOS for a couple of reasons.

    It's nice that Yum/DNF has transaction history and the ability to undo/redo a certain installation/removal of packages.

    What is however great is the longer …

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  5. Servers and clients in my homelab

    My homelab computers

    I have 4 computers at home that each have their own use.

    I have a desktop that I built in 2016/11 that is my main computer and which I use the most and code from.

    I also have a HP Probook 6570b which is my laptop …

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  6. Upgrading to Debian Buster

    First impressions

    I've been running Debian systems at home for about 3+ years.

    I really like the distribution for the package availability and quality.

    Buster(Debian 10) comes with kernel 4.19, which is a long term release(LTS) kernel.

    On kernel.org, it's said to be supported until December …

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